What EPASSA offers:

The EPASSA Ethics committee was constituted to provide guidance  and support to our members. Paid-up  members of EPASSA can present ethical dilemmas and issues to the ethics committee for confidential advice. The committee meets once a month, but issues requiring immediate attention may be dealt with sooner at the discretion of the committee chairperson.

The committee is currently chaired by Dr Tiaan Kirsten, who is a registered educational psychologist and an admitted attorney. Other committee members are Dr Martin Strous, Brandon Swanepoel, Vanessa Gaydon, Dr Lizette Matthews and Natalie Pretorius. The committee cannot give legal advice in the manner that a lawyer would but may be guided by and draw attention to laws and regulations when answering questions.

The correct protocol for submitting an ethical question is to email a detailed account of the ethical dilemma, concern or enquiry to Tiaan at kirsten@lantic.net who will acknowledge receipt of the email in writing. The ethics committee chairperson will email feedback within one week of the committee having considered a query.