October 7, 2016



  • The EPASSA executive engages in regular committee meetings, such as one held on Sunday 2 October. These meetings cover the well-being of the profession. 

  • EPASSA Pulse is a new initiative to keep EPASSA members apprised of developments on a regular basis. It supplements our newsletter, EPASSA News.

  • Urgent plea: We urgently need unpaid 2016 membership fees to pay toward legal representation in the upcoming, vital court case during 14-17 November. Members will be receiving invoices for outstanding 2016 membership fees and for 2017 increased fees. Please do not delay in paying these fees. Without your fees, we cannot begin to pay our lawyers.

  • Financial support to uphold court SOP and Medical Aid debacle:  The committee voted to increase membership fees to R450 for 2017, as we have significant legal expenses. Please contribute R 450 for 2017 fees by Friday 11 November so that we can pay for our lawyers to travel to Cape Town to represent us in the High Court. We have thus far spent over R100 000 in legal fees and expect significant, further fees. Our attorneys have kindly agreed to allow us to pay after we have raised the funds, which we shall do through membership fees, workshops and a 2017 conference.

  • All members please note that Professor Gertie Pretorius has deposed to an affidavit on behalf of the Professional Board for Psychology and the HPCSA, in which affidavit she makes some disparaging remarks about the interests of educational psychologists who are supporting the court application. She is in support of the affidavit by the Clinical Psychology Forum (see attached document). EPASSA rejects this.

  • Remember to visit the EPASSA website for newsletters, interesting articles and important documents!

  • Upcoming events:  Workshop on IEB concessions

                                                 2017 EPASSA two day conference    

                                                    We shall let you know details.








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